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Welcome Evans County Forestry (TM)

Congratulations to Kaylee Michelle Morgan & Madison Daisy Green.  Kaylee was crowned Miss Georgia Forestry Hospitality Queen and Madison was crowned Little Miss Georgia Forestry!  Way to go girls.  I'm so proud of both of you and I love you both to pieces!  Mrs. June
Photos compliments of Kelley's Photography.

Little Miss Georgia Forestry 2006-2007
Madison Daisy Green

Miss Georgia Forestry Hospitality Queen
Kaylee Michelle Morgan

Evans Forestry Queens Plant A Tree For Arbor Day.
Evans Forestry Queens, Director & Evans Forestry Rangers

The Evans County Forestry Queens planted a tree with the assistance of the Evans County Forestry Rangers, Lonnie Calloway and Ashley Sikes.  The dream catcher flowering cherry tree was planted at Pinewood Christian Academy in Bellville, GA, which is the home of several Local Forestry Queens.  Mr. Bill Prior of Stormy Branch Nursery graciously donated the tree to the Evans Forestry Queens.

2005 - 2006 Evans County Forestry Queens
Taylor, Raygan, Kaylee, Tansley, Katelyn, Madison, Kiley, & Alexis

Taylor Mixon, Baby Miss
Raygan Price, Teeny Miss
Tansley Thompson, Tiny Miss
Madison Green, Little Miss
Alexis Adkins, Junior Miss
Kiley Plyler, Teen Miss
Sloane Hall, Miss
Katelyn Blocker, Miss Hospitality
Kaylee Morgan, Miss Hospitality

Official Preliminary to the
Annual Miss Georgia State Forestry (TM) Pageant

Junior Miss Georgia Forestry (TM) Queen
Mindy Jo Blanton

Mindy Jo Blanton, Junior Miss Georgia Forestry, was
a special guest at this years pageant.  She looked absolutely
beautiful and I was honored to have her at the pageant.


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